back acne

Acne on the face, back & chest! A prevalent condition we have lived with and are still forcing ourselves to accept it’s normal to get acne and yet looking for natural back acne home remedies to get rid of them which again is very normal. But is it that easy to get rid of acne? Most of us have spent a lot of energy, money, and time on numerous products, just desperately trying to get rid of acne.  

I remember I went mad when I wanted to treat acne that had hit me. Acnes had ensured to pamper me with their visits. I tried every possible remedy, treatment to get rid of facial and back acne. I changed my dermatologists every three months thinking they haven’t understood my skin well. The extensive use of every possible topical cream eventually dried up the skin causing severe redness and irritation. I did everything without understanding what my actual skin needs.

So here I’m going to talk in detail about back acne. It is a severe concern which most of us aren’t vocal about unlike facial skin concerns. The concerns hit high when we need to wear that deep blouse/ dress. Gosh, a phase where we tried hiding our back with our long hair.

So based on my personal experience and many others who followed a specific routine, I will highlight Do’s and Don’ts and a step by step guide on dealing with back acne irrespective of your gender.

Step 1: Stop hot water shower

The basic and the most effective Home remedy to get rid of back acne is to stop taking a hot water shower. Stick to your room temperature water. This step is the crucial one, and when this is set right, only then the other steps will get you desired results. Had suggested this to one of my friend who suffered from back acne for ages and this basic change showed him the difference in a week. 

Hot water dries out your skin, open your pores, which eventually leads to clogging pores, giving a home to acnes. Coldwater will shut the pores and tightens your skin. So I’m again emphasizing you avoid hot water shower!

If you find it too challenging to skip hot water due to weather, ensure you add 2-3 mugs of hot water to a bucket of normal water and gradually shift to taking cold water shower. Or provide you wind up your hot shower by cold water.

As per the studies as well, one of the most common reasons we get acne is because we abuse our skin with hot water. Yes, hot water does relax your muscles, but that’s good only when you feel your muscles are tired. So take a hot water shower once in a while when you feel your body is tired. For regular use stick to room temperature water.

Step 2: Magic of Clindamycin Gel to reduce active acne

If you have active acne, apply Clindac A. It’s a clindamycin phosphate gel suggested by my dermatologist which I use even today when I have active acne. You also get the lotion form of it. Apply this on the affected area twice daily (morning and night). You don’t have to wipe this gel off, let it dry up and then move around.


With the regular use of this, you will see your active acne dries up quickly, and the formation of new acne has reduced. Clindamycin has antibacterial properties that work by stopping the growth of bacteria. 

Various Clindamycin gels are available in the market but stick to non-fragrance one; I use Clindac A. This gel reduces acne, not scars (detailed post on this magic gel will be up soon).

Note: You are not supposed to wash off the gel after application. Let it dry, and then you can wear your outfit and carry on with your schedule. Just avoid being under direct sunlight.

What is active acne?

When your skin gets oily (for excess sebum), the dead skin cells stick together clogging your pores. Which eventually leads to acne. So active acne is a new bump that shows up on your skin.

back acne home remedies

Step 3: Don’t neglect your hair for skincare

Ensure your long hair is healthy and beautiful with a healthy scalp (refer my previous hair care post). Else dandruff and dirt building up on your scalp will start showing up on your skin, especially your back & forehead as they interact more with your hair.

Step 4: Active acne worsens with uncomfortable outfits

If you suffer from severe cysts acne, you must avoid wearing tight clothes. You should let your skin breath. Especially your night wears, ensure they are loose and very comfortable prefer cotton as that’s when your skin will breathe and heal.

Step 5: Shower post-workout

A very crucial habit you need to develop if you work out. To avoid clogging of pores due to your sweat, you should take a shower post-workout. Don’t postpone your shower to an hour or two later. And if you sweat a lot irrespective of working out, take a bath twice a day.

Home Remedies for Back Acne

These were the steps to get rid of acne on your back. Once the acne heals, they leave their sign in the form of scars. Honestly, there is no instant remedy to get rid of scars. Healing of injuries is a process naturally done by the body based on your body functional level that’s when diet comes into the picture.

Add vitamin C (lemon, oranges, guava, Indian gooseberries,) in your diet. Generally, it takes about 3-4 weeks for scars to disappear. You can add these home remedies to accelerate the process of back acne scar healing.


Apply raw honey in the affected area. Let your skin cells soak in the goodness of honey for 20-30 mins& wash it off with your regular water.

Potato Juice

An excellent ingredient for scar reduction. Apply some potato juice to the affected area. Let it dry for 30 mins and wash it off.

Alovera Gel

Organic gels are available in the market, but I would suggest you plant one instead. It’s quite a simple plant with no fuss of significant planting attention with a lot of benefits. Rub the gel gently on the affected area of your back before taking a shower and wash it off post 30 mins of application.

I hope this post “Back Acne Home Remedies” helps you get rid of your back acne, just like it helped my friends and me. But remember the first step. Avoid hot water shower for good. Guys start with cold water “as it has” a lot of benefits apart from waking you up completely.