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Fix your life internally to glow and grow externally is the objective of this lifestyle blog. We all have been through a phase where we have got carried away by various well claimed healthy lifestyle trends which turned out not being that healthy. Let’s admit we have complicated healthy living by following various crash diets, unnecessary expensive products, and services that keep changing based on a brand’s marketing plan. We have so much information, advice for us we forget listening to the body.
Yes, the only solution to a healthy lifestyle is by listening to your body! Listening to your body is an art that can’t happen in one day. You constantly need to understand if your body is doing right. The result of a healthy lifestyle doesn’t rely on the weighing scale. The sign of a healthy body lies in your pattern of living. If waking up doesn’t struggle you, your mood swings don’t control you, you aren’t feeling restless, eating at the right time consistently. You’re feeling great all day living in tune with nature’s cycle then Congratulations! You are healthy.
Don’t let that weighing scale judge you. Good health starts with good metabolism and digestion. If your scale shows good results and your living pattern doesn’t then trust me you will soon hit the alarm, the alarm of putting on excess weight, feeling unhappy and old. Be and feel young guys! It’s about taking care of yourself. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
This blog is designed to give you tips that are sustainable and workable at your comfort in the long run. It’s about following your roots and your age-old way of cultural living. More inclined towards self-care rituals to help you balance your energy Vata (wind), Pitta(fire), Kapha (earth). Based on experience and science, the blog is customized to throw light on simple tips and remedies that will help you sort out all your issues like weight loss, sleeping pattern, gastric issues to mention a few.
Also, breaking a lot of myths and villains of wrong living. Emphasizing on not dividing food only into Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Minerals, and Vitamins but also on eating local and seasonal. As our body reacts based on nature, climatic condition, and cultural way of living.
So let’s take it to step by step with each blog focusing on your daily routine for a sustainable glowing life.


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