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Skin Care

Customize your skincare regime with the ancient healing natural skincare tips.
In the era of instant beauty drugs, a synthetic procedure I urge everyone to patiently believe in the magic of our simple age-old Vedic remedies adopted by our beautiful ancestors.
The blog focuses on adapting simple fuss-free age-old remedies keeping the current climatic and lifestyle scenario in the picture. Let’s not get carried away by just any beauty product without knowing what’s in them. We need to customize a balanced skincare routine by taking advantage of current right modern beauty products and our Vedic age-old remedies. The magic lies in striking the right balance of beauty trends.
Indian beauty secrets have a deep positive history, was our Indian queens were admired for their gorgeous skin. Our ancient beauty practices for both men and women are highly advanced that most of the brands are adapting to these practices today. Indians have always celebrated beauty practices. We do it even today; we have a ceremony called Haldi without which our marriage is incomplete. The magic behind Indian Ubtan and lepas (masks) are globally celebrated ( we have instant face masks sheet inspired by our ubtans).
The science behind the Veda also emphasizes keeping your gut happy for that acne-free naturally bright glowing skin. So, like I always say, we first need to fix it internally. And when that’s done, an exterior pampers on the skin will just add on to your beautiful skin.
The blog will address all the skin woes with remedies and home remedies for glowing skin at your comfort. The DIY’s if followed righteously will surely impact your skin positively.

Skin Care

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