Rice vs Roti for weight loss? Brown Rice or White Rice? Rice for dinner good or bad?! Dal chawal for dinner???? Eating Rice at Night??

Weight Loss

These are some common questions we all have had during our weight loss journey! Just like most of you all, even I went through a phase where I badly wanted to weight loss and considered eating rice at night as the main culprit! A big villain for the intense love I have for RICE.

But thank God with time I understood my body and realized by skipping rice for a dinner I won’t reduce weight!  Just having soup won’t help me either (I landed up in the hospital the third week)!!

It’s a mix of a balanced lifestyle, a sustainable diet, and a workout that will give you weight loss with healthy living.


Coming back to Rice, it’s sad and funny how we have complicated the consumption of our age-old grain forgetting why our previous generation still looks all healthy and glowing.  It’s because they did not complicate their eating habits.

They stuck to their regional food. They ate food derived from their cultural roots! And Rice takes a crucial place in our culture! Name one festival or occasion that’s celebrated without Rice?  Similarly, how can you celebrate your body without consuming Rice?

It’s time we stop getting carried away by FAD’s and focus on a sustainable diet that can be consistent irrespective of the situation in life!

Dal Rice
Dal Rice is an all thing good combo!

Why Should You Eat RICE At Night?

Rice has no side effects; Ideally, this should sum it up, but I know this isn’t a strong reason to add rice in your everyday diet (I have been there, done that). I needed more reasons to get convinced, as my love for reducing weight had taken over my love for rice.

Then came a phase when I finally stopped starving myself and concluded to EAT! I started with having roti for dinner; it filled me enough, and in fact, kept me heavy on my stomach. I used to feel heavy even after 2-3 hours for dinner, which affected my sleep and gradually showed on my appearance. Inactive mornings, bloating, dark circles had become a standard part of me.

All I needed was one change in my diet. Rice is good and EATING RICE AT NIGHT is beneficial

So after a long tiring day when I used to sit down for dinner, Mum used to prepare fresh rice and Rotis. Thanks to the aroma of cooked rice, I feel all happy and positive about my body today. Mentally, I always thought I was cheating on my diet by having rice for dinner.

But little did I know; it was a blessing in disguise. After a few months, when I checked my weight, I had reduced 3kgs!!! Living a healthy lifestyle (workout, meals, etc. The only changes were I started eating rice at night. Because I thought I was cheating on my diet, I kept a check on my portion size.

Portion Control
EAT! but know your portion.

So that’s when I cracked the magic.

Magic behind RICE

  • Keep a check on your Portion Size. Only you know your right portion size, listen to your body.
  • Rice is your gut’s best friend. Keep your stomach happy to get rid of your mood swings.
  • It eases digestion. Rice gets digested faster than roti.
  • Rice has fewer carbs compared to Roti and is easy on the stomach
  • It is also rich in protein, B vitamins, Folic acid, and magnesium. Rice is not only about Carbs!
  • Rice promotes good sleep because of the Glycaemic index.
  • Eating rice is also good for your skin and hair (heard about the benefits of rice water?)
Rice in Dinner for Weight Loss

When and How to Eat Rice?

Based on all my experiences and facts, I would suggest that rice is good for dinner. Eating rice at night won’t increase your weight. Just listen to your body and understand your portion size.

Dal Rice (obviously with 1 tsp.  Ghee)  is my comfort food and one of the healthiest meals I swear by.  Toor dal because my roots are from Uttar Pradesh and we can’t function without Toor Dal.

Stick to your traditional Rice combo like dal rice, khichadi, Curd rice and see yourself glowing in happiness and reducing that waistline! Also, I was referring to WHITE Rice throughout my blog!

Why not brown rice?  I will give you a specific reason behind this on my other post but for now, let’s not complicate our food. Just listen to your body and romance with your local food.