“Hey, there’s something on your hair? Is it dandruff? “

The minute someone tells you this, you instantly look towards your shoulder (thanks to the anti-dandruff shampoo ad’s) Wish these shampoos worked like their ads! I’m sure most of us have searched “how to get rid of dandruff”, “best anti-dandruff shampoo,” “home remedies for dandruff, and so on. But do they really work?

So I’m here again, to share with you my personal Dandruff episode.

I’m sure most of you have/ had issues with dandruff.  Dry, itchy, oily scalp and hair fall is a sign of an unhealthy scalp which is very healthy these days for the lifestyle and climatic conditions we live in. Just correct your living pattern. Ensure you eat and drink right. But sometimes we need to take that extra step to stop the growth of dandruff before it affects you.  You are very well aware that dandruff can lead to acne and other skin-related issues?

Home Remedies For Dandruff
Coconut oil plays a crucial role in hair care

Home remedies for Dandruff

  • Coconut Oil + Lemon

Coconut oil is my personal fav oil.  Take warm coconut oil, add fresh lemon juice to it. Nicely apply it on your scalp and massage it gently for that better circulation. Rinse it off after 1-2 hours with your regular mild shampoo  (Note: Are you oiling your hair the right way? don’t ever leave the oil overnight. Wash it after 2-3 hours of oiling. Will give detailed insights on my next post)

  • Regular Shampoo + Lemon Juice

This is a quick hack regularly. You can add this routine once a week irrespective of dandruff. So mix some lemon juice to your regular mild shampoo and nicely wash your hair. Lemon balances the PH level on your scalp, preventing the growth of dandruff, infections, and adds that extra goodness to your regular shampoo.

  • Fenugreek pack

This pack is brilliant but a little messy for a good reason. So soak fenugreek (methi) seeds overnight, drain the extra water, and nicely grind the seeds. Apply the paste on your scalp.  Leave it for an hour and wash it with your regular shampoo.

The paste can get sticky. So use this hack when you don’t have to step out for an event after the wash.

  • Camphor + Coconut Oil

The age-old Ayurveda remedy for dandruff. Camphor is a boon for all the good things. To clear negativity as per our Vedas. So just crush some camphor (powdered camphor) in your coconut oil and nicely apply it on your scalp and hair. Rinse off after 30 mins -2 hours.  Camphor instantly cools and calms your scalp.

  • Curd + Lemon

Curd is another magical anti-dandruff ingredient that can be directly applied on your scalp and left for 30 mins before you wash your hair. To make it extra benefits, you can add lemon juice to it.

If you suffer from migraine or any headache issues, don’t apply cold curd instead set your curd at room temperature.

Home remedies for Dandruff

Extensive Dandruff Care

If you are suffering from serious intensified dandruff growth, you might need an exclusive medically claimed Anti- Dandruff Shampoo called KETO SCALP or SCALP-E (or any which contains KETOCONAZOLE, as it’s good to stop the growth of fungal infection).

Always remember to apply this shampoo on the scalp and not your hair twice a week (detailed direction on the usage of this shampoo will be on my next post).

Home remedies for Dandruff
Always avoid hot water shower

Also, remember to avoid taking a hot water head bath for all the good reasons! Until then eat right, sleep well and dance with your good hair!

So next time you spot flakes, give these tricks a shot!

I hope these “home remedies for dandruff” will be just what you need to get rid of this problem. I’d love to hear from you!