Move over your coffee and start your morning with Lemon Honey water a “Glow Drink”

A simple lifestyle change made 5 years ago has impacted and continues to do so for all the positive things. The key to having a GLOWING SKIN is to “Fix yourself internally to look glossy externally”

How to Get Glowing Skin

Being acquainted with junk eating and drinking, I faced a lot of issues that came across as a simple discomfort but cost me a lot.
Acidic issues, waking up exhausted, mood swings to mention a few internal discomforts which eventually showed up externally on my skin. From acne to dullness, my skin went through all the trauma one could imagine. That’s when my mum came to my rescue and helped me understand the importance of fixing internally.
She suggested me some lifestyle changes which I continue even today, consuming lemon water honey on an empty stomach regularly was one of them.

Why do I recommend Honey Lemon Water for Glowing skin?

How to get glowing skin

I won’t bluff; it took about three weeks, and I could sense the difference for good. So, I will break down on why I strongly recommend everyone around me to have Honey Lemon Water based on my personal experience. I’m sure if consumed “REGULARLY”, it will do wonders!

Ø Instant hydration: After good hours of sleep, one needs proper rehydration to kick start your day with good metabolism and trust me good hydration motivates you to consume a healthy balanced breakfast that moves like a circle and continues motivating you for a healthy dinner.

Ø Solution for Bloating: I used to face major bloating issues, which gradually reduced after 3 weeks of consuming the drink. It continues to detoxify my body. It indeed is my liver tonic.

Ø Happy Gut: Lemon and honey are rich in antioxidants providing glowing skin. It calms your digestive tract, keeping your gut clean that eventually shows up in your skin! It reduces the growth of new acne and keeps your skin young and moist.

Ø Skin Health: Evident results of a healthy gut are glowing skin. Trust me, there is nothing like the natural glow you get when your body is doing well internally. When your body is doing well internally, your skin pampers you externally.

Ø Strong Immunity: Honey being the healing sweetness is naturally high on antibacterial activity. It keeps cold and flu on the bay and promotes building a healthy immune.

honey water lemon for glowing skin

How to make yourself a Glow Drink?

Ø Squeeze half a lemon in a cup of hot water, add honey (as per your taste)
Yes, it’s as simple as this! Sip it ‘like’ your morning tea

When to consume honey lemon water?

  • Ensure you consume this as your wake up drink “regularly” (the first thing in the morning)
  • Just avoid eating for at least 30 mins after consuming lemon
    honey water
  • Make sure you add this in your lifestyle, consume it “regular” and
    you will gradually see the positive change.

It’s been 5 years since I started having it and I intend to continue it for the rest of my life. These are the best home remedies for glowing skin.

How to get Glowing skin

Life will definitely give you lemons! Just ensure you add honey and hot water to make yourself a glowing drink.