Menstrual Pain Home Remedies

Let’s applaud our mothers and agree to the fact that they deal with menstrual pain better than us.

Ever wondered why they make it look easy breezy? It’s because they always led a simple and uncomplicated healthy lifestyle. Your lifestyle profoundly impacts the intensity of your period cramps and the regular cycle. Like I always say, “fix yourself internally.“

So first let’s understand if Menstrual Pain is good or bad?

Honestly, cramps are normal. If the intensity is mild, it’s very normal, but if the severity of the cramps affects your routine making it highly difficult even to move off your bed, then it’s terrible.

I know we feel blah, blah. A zone where we feel enjoy junking and lazing which is our way of pampering. Feeling bloated, constipated, and gassy is a part of the cycle, especially on the first day. Or even two days before the cycle starts. Your body gives you the sign, listen to it!

And girls don’t take your weight and inches seriously when your cycle is on! Because it’s bound to increase for that one week due to the internal expansion in your body, you might feel that denim isn’t fitting you and you feel fat! Let the cycle complete, and you will gradually feel toned again.

Like I said cramps are obvious, we need to deal with it. But this blog is specially curated with all the home remedies to ease your cramps and give you some menstrual pain relief. The herbal teas mentioned will surely ease your pain. Try it out and let me know which worked for you.

Menstrual Pain Home Remedies

Honey Lemon Tea

A perfect friend of mine suggested this magic portion, and it worked wonders on me. You will feel the intensity of cramps reducing with the first drink.

Just add some ginger to the boiling water. You can add a pinch of tea leaves if you wish. Once boiled, squeeze some lemon and add honey to it. With every sip, you will feel relaxed.


A piece of fresh ginger boiled in a cup of water ideally taken after an hour of meals. The ginger will take your pain and make you feel light.

Cumin, coriander & fennel seeds

Sipping on herbal teas eases the unbearable period pain. But the combination of fennel, coriander and cumin seeds not only relieves cramps but also helps you fight to bloat. It makes you feel light.

Ajwain Seeds

Ajwain hot water is another satisfying spiced up drink to ease your menstrual pain.

Banana Flower

Consuming cooked banana flowers with curd is an effective medicine for painful menstruation and excessive bleeding.

Eat Light & Warm

Yes, I know we junk a lot, but it’s better to eat simple homemade food light on the stomach. Yes, you can indulge in that ice cream or hot chocolate but ensure it’s not your meal! Let it be the cherry in your regular healthy diet. Ayurveda also suggests that you have light warm foods instead of raw heavy and cold foods.


I believe in this. A gentle massage on my back calms me down to a level I can’t describe. Your thighs, abdomen, and back are high effects during menstruation. A gentle massage on that backbone of yours relaxes your cramp.

Heat therapy

Anything warm will relax your menstrual pain. Let it be in the form of herbal teas, hot showers, or hot oil massage. We should comfort ourselves by applying heat on our lower abdomen and back. This can be done using heating pads.

Ayurveda highlights the importance of soaked mustard seeds. Boil some mustard seeds in water. Soak the cloth in this hot mustard water and nicely compress the painful muscle.


Yoga always solves our problems. For menstrual pain, we need to focus on asanas circulating the pelvic region. Child’s pose is my favorite and simple one, which I can do even if I want to sleep. Sit on your knees and stretch your arms outwards. That stretch takes the pain out of your body.

Child's Pose

Apart from these instant period pain remedies, we should ensure we adopt certain rituals to provide a lesser painful menstrual cycle.

  • Add ghee to your regular diet! Too many reasons for an emphasis on why should you eat it every day! Eat Ghee girls!
  • Drink Methi water at least thrice a week.
  • Ensure you eat iron-rich food.
  • SLEEP, Eat, Exercise Repeat.
  • Add sesame seeds to your diet; you can even consume powdered sesame seeds with warm water.
  • Ensure your body gets adequate Vitamin C and Calcium as they give your body the strength to fight cramps.
  • Calcium works by moving into the bloodstream, and soft tissues of your body, reducing the irritability caused because of pains.
  • Add Asafoetida to your regular diet.
  • Oil your belly button with some clove oil once a week.

Follow These Home Remedies for Menstrual Pain to ease period pain and even prevent menstrual cramps, so you don’t have to suffer every month and toss and turn in pain!